8674 - Ferrari F1 Racer

Lego Technic 8674 - Ferrari F1 Racer

Vital Stats

Set No. 8674
Set Name Ferrari F1 Racer
No. of Pieces 1246
Main Colour Red
Electrics None
Pneumatics None
My Rating 6/10
LB's Rating 7/10
Features V10 Engine
Suspension on all 4 wheels
Removable Engine Cover
Differential Gear on Rear Axle
Unusual Parts Suspension Struts
Shock Absorbers
Technic Axle 16
Racing Tyres
Alternate Models None


This model shares the Lego Racer line characteristics - the model looks good and does a pretty good job of looking like the prototype within the constraints of Lego construction. However, in terms of the mechanics, which is what I find of interest, the models can be pretty ordinary. The LB has already built the Silver Champion. While it is similar in construction, there are some differences.

8674 - Top View
Top View
8674 - Side View
Side View
8674 - Front View
Front View
8674 - Back View
Back View
8674 - Bottom View
Bottom View

So moving straight on to the mechanics, the only interesting feature is the steering and suspension assemblies. All four wheels have suspension. The front wheels can be steered using the steering wheel. The steering wheel axle is at a shallow angle and a couple of 12 tooth double bevel gears mate it to a horizontal axle. The rear wheels are driven using a differential gear and a few universal joints. The engine is directly connected to the wheels. Racers have a low profile that does not allow for conventional mounting of shock absorbers. Instead, the shock absorbers are mounted horizontally along the axis of the car on each side very close to the centre line. A few parts transmit the up and down motion of the wheel to the shock absorber. Each of the wheels is supported on four suspension struts. These parts are rarely seen on other models. They allow the wheel assembly to move up and down. A link connects the wheel assembly to the shock absorber. On the front wheels, there is an additional link for steering.

Streering and Front Suspension
Steering and Front Suspension
Rear Suspension
Rear Suspension
Rear Drive Train
Rear Drive Train

The car has a V10 engine. I replaced the grey cylinders with clear ones. The other minor mechanism is the cover for the engine. The Silver Champion has a hinging cover that has a damper attached to it. No such luck with the Ferrari. The cover just comes off. No catch to release the cover, no spring to raise the cover, not even a hinge. Booooring.

Engine Cover
Engine Cover
V10 Engine
V10 Engine

Looks is where the Racer line does well. The model looks a lot like the prototype. The wheels are very distinctive and are used in all the F1 racers and nowhere else. The stickers add to the realism. The model is very long - this one is about 67 cms. It is made more for display than for operating


Box - Top
Box - Top
Box - Bottom
Box - Bottom

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