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Front End Software

The underlying technology for the front-end has changed a few times. I used a Visual Basic program running on Win3.1 in the distant past. After discovering the javax.comm classes, I replaced it with a java/swing UI. This time around, I thought of using a browser as a front-end. This would let me write it all using java and not touch the code hairball of the previous swing based function. Besides java, it needs some HTML, javascript and ajax. Having just finished a commercial project with the same ingredients, it was easy to get something up and running.


The program has(or will have) the following features.

System Design

The front-end program is written in java. It implements a simple web server and also interfaces to the Command Station through a serial port. The program serves up the HTML/javascript front-end to the browser. Any user interaction of the user with the browser front-end results in an ajax request to the program. The program converts the request into a packet sent to the command station.

The block diagram above shows the components of the browser based layout control.

Future enhancements

Some features I intend to add when I get around to it are

Previous Versions

The front-end has undergone major changes. The pages describing previous swing based front-end and the VB based front-end are available.

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